Birger Bäckman

Birger Bäckman
United Federation of Travel Agents’ Associations
C.E.O & Senior Advisor ( Retired)

Dear Biji,
  I also earlier received the good news about the new IATA NDC training, a very good step forward.
It is encouraging to read about your continuous efforts and positive achievements with the overall training - be it for the passenger sales or cargo - both equally important to a healthy airline industry.
Even if I have stepped back from almost everything related to the travel and tourism industry I still do follow the development with a side-eye. The industry has changed considerably since I got involved in 1959 - both for the better and in some cases for the worst, but that is called development. Travel was more personal in the past , now it is mostly a consumer commodity in a digitalized environment. Unfortunately , in my mind the travel agency industry has not been able to adapt and cut loose from being "agents" instead of entrepreneurs. With the Speedwings' Training establishment you have shown leadership and entrepreneurship for which you have my sincere admiration.
I gave nice and positive memories from my visit to Kolkata and your school during one of the diploma festivities.
I wish Speedwings, your staff, yourselves and your kind wife all the best.
Birger Bäckman

B S Warrier

B S Warrier - Career Guru

Dear Shri Biji Eapen,
  You live in tomorrow, always in front, ahead of counterparts. You give fine service to the coming generations. The present accolade that has come to you is unique. My hearty congratulations. May God Almighty strengthen your muscles for tireless efforts. Permit me to share your joy and sense of fulfillment.
All the best.   Warm regards B S Warrier

Joe Borg Olivier

Former President United Federation of Travel Agents Association (UFTAA) - Malta

My good and dear friend Biji,
  I am thrilled, to say the least, with the news of your achievement.   The Award is not a common recognition and this demonstrates that you and your magnificent team left no stone unturned to reach this goal and achieve the “IATA Premier Circle Member-2018, World Top 10” - Industry Professionals plaque.   I am sure that your company will retain its momentum of the last nine years  to preserve its glory in the field of training as per the IATA aviation courses.   Whilst I salute you, please accept my felicitations on your achievement.
  Warm wishes -   Joe Borg Olivier

Vishnu Sajeev

Customer Service Officer Indigo Airlines, Cochin

When heart is filled with happiness we become speechless that’s how I am right now. The explosion and growth I have had in my career has been tremendous and bulk of the credit goes to SpeedWings. The training at Speedwings has helped me gain a lot of confidence and knowledge.

Alex Abraham Mathew

Security Executive Spice Jet

I strongly believe that Speedwings Aviation Academy the best Aviation College in Cochin. The three years where amazing years of my life.
I was blessed to have the best professors who moulded me as a professional and guided me in my studies like friends.
Most importantly, within 3 years I got 7 certificates including 2 IATA certificates. The importance and value these certificates hold is priceless. It really helped me through my job interview because the interviewers where surprised to see the number of certificates I hold at this young age. It has also helped me a lot in my work life till now.
I am proud to have been a part of SpeedWings Family.

Asif Azeez

Airport Services Agent Emirates Airlines Dubai

"Planes and airports were my passion,,infact getting a job and being a part of aviation industry was one of my ambition.
3 years of BBA at Speed wings has been a great way to achieve this . Joining speed wings aviation college has afforded me opportunities that I didn't even know I wanted when I started my college. Being a part of speedwings family has helped make me the person that I am today-confident, involved and committed.
Now being a professional in the aviation industry,speedwings was a great way to mould my dreams by giving opportunities to do something I am passionate about."
“Mr.Asif Azeez (BBA (AO) 2011-14 batch) was the topper at the Center for Continuing Education- UPES, Dehradun.”

Ratheesh M R

Senior Executive Ramp IndiGo Airlines Cochin

From here I learnt that "Once the Expert was also a Beginner". Everything was new for me the industrial standard verbiages, Grooming Standards, How to handle different situations etc.Thanks to all my facilitators for their blessings.

Ridhu Lawrence

Security Executive Indigo Airlines Cochin International Airport

"It's my immense pleasure to thank my institution (Speedwings Aviation Academy) for giving support throughout my college life and getting a successful placement. The true dedication of my faculties needs to be highlighted and appreciated. Without them I wouldn't have achieved this much in life. I wish all the very best to my institution.

Sreelakshmi Suresh

Customer Service Executive Spice Jet

Speedwings has helped me in deciding my future goals in the aviation industry. It was a good experience to be a part of Speedwings Academy.The management has always been supportive & understanding. The faculty was very helpful in developing a positive attitude, personally & professionalism. It was very interesting to be taught by different trainers & we gained a lot of knowledge. I would like to thank all my faculty members for helping & teaching me new things. It has changed me in many ways & has built my confidence & communication skills. I would like to thank Speedwings for giving me an opportunity to work in a reputed company.

Joe Hickson

Oxford UK

Dear Mr Eapen - thank you for your text message today. I feel an obligation to write to you and thank you for your kind invitation, via GeorgeJohn, to the Graduation Ceremony for your impressive students.
At the time, I was unaware that the ceremony was organised by the students and having had time to reflect on the occasion, I wish that I had had more than the one second I did have to gather my thoughts before I spoke because I omitted to mention about so many extraordinary performances. I really did think that the dancers and the MC were professionals, such was their grace, confidence and clarity. Subsequent student speakers were clear and expressive, highlighting the quality guidance that your organisation is offering.
To have assembled such an impressive list of speakers for the ceremony, highlights the esteem in which your Speedwings Academy is held. Customer orientataion at its best benefits clients, staff and the Company itself and to emphasize getting the basics like friendliness and meticulous attention to detail right, as commented on by the gentleman VP from AIrIndia, will lead to undoubted success for the whole company.
It is obvious that your strong leadership and thorough understanding of the industry that you serve is a of the highest standard and you are to be congratulated.
Cherry and I wish you continued success.