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The present day economic climate prevailing in the country has seen the airline industry emerging as a major beneficiary. More and more new airlines are starting operations while others are in the expansion mode. The direct result of this new scenario is a virtual gold mine of career opportunities in the airline, travel and tourism industry.

IATA Foundation in Travel & Tourism (Level-1)
IATA Travel & Tourism Consultant (Level-2)
Our Specialities

Speedwings provides On-The-Job training to school students and undergraduate students in association with various educational institutions at its academic campus and in our sister concern - Speedwings Travel and Cargo (P) Ltd..

Speedwings offers a Finishing school that prepares students to successfully face job interviews.

IATA Honours 2010
IATA Honours 2010
Training includes:

* Mock interview sessions

* Seminars by industry experts

* Grooming and personality development

and more...